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Benefit from Smart Technology in Stoneham

Reduce energy usage by upgrading to safer and more efficient outlets and switches. Smart technology automates your home so you can manage energy usage remotely through an app and lets you schedule a routine so that getting up or going to bed is easier. Our outlet and switch upgrades at JMR Electric Group set you up for success thanks to our licensed and insured experts. We work hard to provide a positive experience with thorough communication, on-schedule services, and on-budget solutions.


Just like other components of your home, outlets need to be upgraded or replaced as they age. Don’t continue to use an outlet that needs to be replaced.

These signs indicate it’s time to replace your outlets:

These symptoms indicate damage or create unsafe electrical hazards, especially if you have small children. Don’t attempt dangerous DIY solutions that can cause more damage to your system. Stop using this outlet until our professionals can provide an expert outlet and switch upgrades.

If you’re not currently experiencing problems with your outlet, you may still be interested in upgrades. Replacing traditional outlets with USB maximizes space and increases safety. If you’ve recently bought new appliances that may use more energy, replacing your outlets to ensure they are up to code and meet these new requirements is critical. We’re here with high-quality solutions to help your home meet your energy usage with upgraded outlets.

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Advantages of Smart Switches

With smart switches and device pairing that allows your home to be controlled remotely through an app, you can manage your home’s electrical system no matter where you are.

Benefits of smart switches include:

With programmable timing and multi-device integration, you can create routines for your home to start the coffee machine before you wake up, open blinds, or turn on lights at a specific time. This makes your daily routines easier and saves money by not having systems on when you’re not home.

Remote and voice control also allow you not to struggle to reach or turn on lights in a dark home. Feel safe by being able to turn on lights before you arrive home with your phone or as soon as you enter with your voice. Many new switches also include dimming or color options to set the mood. If you’re hosting themed parties, this is a great way to root for your favorite team or match a specific aesthetic.

Smart switches are one of the easiest ways to save money monthly while making your daily life easy. Let us help provide peace of mind that you didn’t accidentally leave a light on or that someone may be in a dark home. Our expert outlet and switch upgrades in Stoneham are here to improve your home.

We Provide Three Options for Your Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

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"His attention to detail exceeds that of most designers!"
Jeff is great to deal with as he displays professionalism mixed with good humor. His technical expertise is not limited to traditional electrical matters but includes home automation, meaning that he is a reliable one-stop resource...
Ed W.
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"Solid work quality, no matter the job they will work with you."
Professional company and crew. They always are responsive and asks questions throughout the job if any arise to make sure everyone is in alignment and it's what the customer wants. Solid work quality, no matter the job they will work with you.
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"They were pleasant, and knowledgeable and gave useful suggestions.."
Jeff and his team worked efficiently and professionally to take care of a list of electrical issues at my house. They were pleasant, and knowledgeable and gave useful suggestions for future work. JMR Electric was organized and well-operated...
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